Catenians are Catholic laymen from all walks of life who usually meet monthly to deal with the organisation’s business and to socialise with like minded supportive and faithful friends and family.

Groups meet locally in what we know as circles. Numbers of circles are grouped regionally into provinces. The circles will try to be mutually supportive both within their province and throughout the wider association.

The Circles operate a varied social programme involving wives, children and friends and aim to cater for all ages providing fun, support and enjoyment whilst enabling friendships to flourish.

As Catenians we are committed to our Faith, our families and to those in need. Our primary purpose is to establish a network of friends providing mutual support in our family life, our Faith and which provides practical support in difficult times. As well as supporting each other we do all we can to support our Parish, our Clergy and the young people of our Catholic community.


Because of the COVID-19 pandemic most of our activity is currently taking place on-line.